2011 XC-Open Portugal

1st Location: 27 to 30th of August in Linhares da Beira 4 competition days
2nd Location: 31 of August to 3rd of September in Mirandela 4 competition days

pilots will move from Linhares da Beira to Mirandela in the morning of August 31
NEW: special entry fee for young pilots up to 28 years 99.00Euro

Saturday 03-Sep-2011

SMS INFO +++ Window Open 13:15-17:00 * Takoff D01099 -> Open Distance Optimization 3TP -> LastTaskTime 18:00 +++ END SMS INFO

Last competition day in Mirandela weak conditions with a soarable westerly wind and 8/8 cloud cover in the beginning – We flew on 6 out of 8 days in Portugal in light conditions – one day was too windy. It was difficult to get valid tasks in these conditions – According to the 2011 competition rules 15% of the pilots need to be beyond 30 km to have a valid 1000 points task. For the 2012 XC-Open World Series starting with the XC-Open in Argentina in November we decided to have a valid task even after the first pilot has flown 30km. The maximum points for such a task are much lower and would give the winner only 125 points (in the case of 56 pilots like in Portugal). If 7,5% of the pilots are beyond 30km the task would be valid 500 points. With the new rules the XC-Open in Portugal would have had 4 valid tasks.

The 2011 XC-Open World Series ranking will be online soon – we do a continous ranking over the past 4 years. Results will be degrade with time with a similar formula as WPRS.

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see you soon in Argentina