2009 XC-Open Piedrahita

Competition Results

pdfOpen Class 1 Tomassi, Paul (CHE) Gin Boomerang 6
2 Mumenthaler, Reynald (CHE) Gin Boomerang 6
3 Müller, Martin (CHE) Gin Boomerang 6 X-Alps
pdfWomen Miller, Christine (DEU) Icaro Maverick
pdfSerial Class Eberle, Klaus Günter (DEU) Aircross U-Sport
pdfSport Class Schaertl, Dominic (DEU) Nova Mentor
pdfFun Class Schaertl, Dominic (DEU) Nova Mentor

Sunday, 06-SEP-2009
Today at task 7 we had the best flying conditions in this week. Damien Tuvo won the day with a flight of 181km closely followed by Urs Dubach. A very interesting final between Kacper Kowalski PL and Paul Tomassi CH for the lead in the 2009 XC-Open World Series.

SMS Info’s 09:57:19 and 10:16:19
XC-Open Sept.06 last competition day – Paul Tomassi is leading the competition after 6 tasks. At 9:30 the wind at take off is still over the back from the SE. The forecast is for another excellent flying day. see you at 11:00 at HQ

Saturday, 05-SEP-2009
SMS Info 10:01:41
XC-Open SEPT.05 Briefing at HQ 11:00 – weather looks good with light E to SW winds base at 3000m- yesterdays winners: Paul Tomassi 136km Reynald Mumenthaler 133km Robert Machel 109km enjoy your flights!

Day winner with 138km Martin Müller.Friday, 04-SEP-2009
21:30 Paul Tomassi and Reynald Mumenthaler, the competition leaders, just came back from a 6.5 hr flight towards the East to Avila and back to a landing near Tornavacas Pass West of Piedrahita. Distances were 136km for Paul and 133km for Reynald. The Alpsfreeride red team, flying all on red Boomerang 6, is pushing forward! Robert Machel placed 3rd with a flight of 109km to the South.

SMS Info 09:41:13:
XC-Open SEPT.04 – briefing at HQ 11:00 weather looks good, light wind from NW – yesterdays winner Klaus Guenter Eberle with a flight of 99,9 km straight distance from Piedrahita 50 km driving distance for retrieve 350 km.