2009 XC-Open Manilla

Competition Results

pdfOpen Class 1 – Pawel Faron (POL) – Swing Stratus WRC
2 – Kristian Andersson (NOR) – UP Trango 3
3 – Cecilio Valenzuela (ESP) – UP Edge
pdfWomen Meredyth Malocsay (USA) – Axis Venus 2 XS
pdfSerial Class Kristian Andersson (NOR) – UP Trango 3
pdfSport Class Wojciech Maliszewski (POL) – Nova Ra
pdfFun Class Johnny Ho (HKG) – Skywalk Tequila 2
Reporters: Godfrey and Flygirl
Photographers: Andreas Rieck, Flygirl, Dominik Dusek, Pete Thompson, Thomas Nilsen and Hans Bausenwein

Day Eight – 21 February 2009 – We have a Task
The final day in this competition…. Task 2 winner 170kms

The day progressed as forecasted with some large development scattered in the region. A light southerly wind sent pilots north when the window opened at 12h30. Scratchy conditions early on saw a mega gaggle stuck at Borah bouncing in the iso-thermal between launch and 1300m. A small group risked an early start with low height to be rewarded by being able to skirt around a slowly forming thunderstorm NW of Barraba. The later starters who tried to do the same at the 30-40km point were either turned back by the mammatus veil that sent out a warning or alternatively spiraled down well before when the suck got too much, to avoid becoming a potential statistic.

Given the generally wet conditions heights of over 2500m were still achieved and 8 pilots flew over 100km. The bulk flew to |he stationary CuNimb and either turned around to get more distance or landed with around 30-50km flown.

The winner of the day was singing Polish pilot Pawel Faron (Swing Stratus WRC) who managed 169.9km by the last task time of 18h30 – he flew on to the Queensland border to land at 195km. Second was Norwegian Kristian Andersson who also won Serial Class on his UP Trango 3 with a flight of 153.7km. Third was Cecilio Valenzuela of Spain who manged 150.0km on his UP Edge.

Best Female was Meredyth Malocsay (USA) on her Axis Venus 2 at 88km. Sport Class was won by Polish pilot Wojciech Maliszweski who finished 4th overall on his Nov RA (126km). Fun Class winner was Johnny Ho of Hong Kong with 52.2km on his Skywalk Tequila 2. The Polish Zuwiec crew won the Team category followed by Norway 1 and the Toy Pin Chao team from Spain in third.

For next years XC-Open World Series in Manilla extra bonus days will be planned into the calendar to ensure at least 4 or 5 valid days are achieved in the event of really bad weather. This is to take into account that pilots travel quite a long way to the events and generally stay a few days longer than just the 8 days of the event itself.

At least the farmers were smiling after this week in Manilla…

Godfrey Competition dinner was at the RSL at 20:30, prize giving afterwards… Some photographs may be found on these blogs